Comment Gatekeeper Developer Doc

Here are the filters used in the plugin that give you or your developer power to customize the plugin to your liking.

apply_filters( ‘lb3cgk_gatekeeper_default’ , “What is your quest” );
apply_filters( ‘lb3cgk_gatelock_default’ , “to seek the holy grail” );
The plugin has a default question and answer in case the site owner does not add their own.  With these two filters, you are able to set the default question and answer for them.

apply_filters( ‘lb3cgk_add_gatekeeper_filter’ , $result , $post_id )
This filter defaults to $result = TRUE and adds the gatekeeper to every post.  The filter passes the result and the post id to your filter so that you decide which posts get the gatekeeper and which do not.

apply_filters(‘lb3cgk_return_gatekeeper_and_gatelock_filter’ , $gate_array, $post_id );
This filter passes an associative array of the “gatekeeper” question and the “gatelock” correct answer along with the post id.  This array is used in two places: to disply the question on the comment form and then to compare the $_POST input against the correct answer.  With this filter, you can modify the question and answer post-by-post.