Zoho CRM Form Plugin for WordPress

Zoho CRM LogoI recently wrote a plugin so you can create your own custom Zoho Lead forms  for your WordPress website along with data validation and email notifications.  Using the awesome Ninja Forms plugin as a base,  you can build a contact form and point each field to a field inside your Zoho CRM Leads module.  That’s all there is to it!

Custom fields are supported so if you have custom fields you created in Zoho, you’ll be able to collect form data for those as well.  Built-in features include automatic data collection for user names, email, and URL of the submitting page.  If you want to learn about users’ browsers and location, consider combining this plugin with the User Analytics plugin to get brower info, IP address, ZIP code, and more.

Zoho has a built-in form generator but it has its limitations.  It doesn’t have much data validation, drop-down selectors, input masks – the things that help guide your site visitors to fill out your form with the info you need.  You can’t get automatic email notifications when someone fills out the form so if you don’t log into Zoho everyday, you can risk critical delays in following up with those leads.  These problems are all easily solved with the Zoho CRM plugin for WordPress.  Drag-and-drop fields enable you to easily populate your form.  Default values pre-fill in fields with user names, email, and the URL of your web page.  You can add masking so fields like phones and ZIP Codes stay consistent.  Don’t limit yourself to one pre-built form.  This Zoho CRM WordPress plugin will simplify your web forms and let you spend time on making more sales.

Download the premium  Zoho CRM WordPress plugin and make your website-to-lead generation so much simpler!